Grace is really into shapes!  She’s always running around the house pointing out object and telling me what shape they are.

I was making her lunch today and she asked me if I could make her sandwich into a crescent shape.  I usually use a cookie cutter and make shapes out of her sandwiches but I didn’t have a crescent shaped cookie cutter.  Yikes………………  When I told her I could make her sandwich into that shape she said, “just use the heart cookie cutter to make a crescent”.  I continued making her lunch and tried to explain to her that shapes are all different.  At that moment, I realized she was ready to learn that shapes have attributes.  After lunch and a quick nap I threw together this fun activity.

This shape trace activity is a fantastic way to introduce shape attributes and it took me 10 minutes to put together!  Grace absolutely loved it and worked on it for a good 20 to 30 minutes!


  • Shape Trace Printable (I just drew the shapes on a piece of paper but wanted to make a printable so it was easy for everyone)
  • Star stickers ( I got them at Publix)

Directions: The first thing I did was ask Grace to tell me the name for each shape.  Once she did that I gave her the star stickers and told her I wanted her to trace each shape with the stickers, matching the sticker color to the shape color.  When she was doing this activity, I asked her a few questions to help her understand each shapes attributes.


Here are some sample questions you could ask your child

  1. Does the circle have any straight sides?
  2. How many sides does the square have?
  3. Can you tell me an object that looks like a diamond?
  4. How many sides does the triangle have?
  5. Does the rectangle have more sides then the triangle?


How did my daughter do with this activity

Grace really enjoyed this activity!  She was fascinated with the information I was sharing with her about each shape and excited to learn more.  We will defiantly be doing this activity again with other shapes.

What is she learning during this activity

  • Shape attributes
  • Shape Name recognition
  • Fine motor skills
  • Color recognition
  • Following directions


Extending this activity is so easy

There are so many things that can be done to extend this fun and easy activity.

  • You could have your child find the attributes of more shapes.
  • You could tell your child attributes and have them draw the shape.

This shape trace activity was a great way to start to help Grace learn about the differences between shapes.  Do this activity with your child and I know they are going to love it too!


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